Donald Trump Uses Asian Accent at Fundraiser, and Social Media Is Furious

Donald Trump recently used an Asian accent at a campaign fundraiser, and social media is furious. The fundraiser was held in the Hamptons, and hosted by SoulCycle and Equinox head Stephen Ross. According to Rolling Stone, Trump used the accent in a mocking manner toward South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe. Now, many social media users have been chiding and criticizing the president for using a stereotypical Asian accent to mock Jae-in and Abe.

"A man continuing to show his lack of respect for anyone! Given complete freedom to be as disgusting a person as possible! An arrogant moron who cannot be any better than the bottom feeder that he is! The rich and powerful are just as disgusting as he is!" one Twitter user exclaimed.

"He is always making us so proud said no one. It’s still weird that politicians think no one records what they say at fundraisers. Trump probably still thinks he is not a politician though," another person said.

"This is not normal. We need the MSM saying this every single day. The majority of America will be voting Blue. Trump is a clear and present danger to America. This is not normal," someone else commented.

"How we ever got into this quandry is sad. Clearly neither party wanted to push the issue through the courts or legislature before now because they feared blowback. So here we are victims of decades of neglect to challenge an absurd finding hastily made during watergate smh," one other user stated.

"He appears to be buckling down on his racism. There must a few key donors that are extremely racist like this. It may not be hard to see which donors they are," a fifth person tweeted.


At this time, it does not appear that Trump nor the White House have further commented on the situation.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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