Vegan Asks Internet to Eat Hunted Animals Raw in Order to See How Unnatural It Is for Humans, Gets Wrecked Online

A Facebook user is facing heat after they took to the social media platform to argue that eating meat is the least “natural” diet for humans. Sharing a graphic image of a human eating raw meat, the unnamed user encouraged all carnivores to “catch” their prey with their “bare hands” and then eat it raw.

“If you really think this is natural, catch your prey with your bare hands & teeth and devour all the body parts,” the graphic image, shared by Bored Panda, reads. “RAW no cooking, no seasoning, no sauces. Then tell me how you love the taste of meat.”

You can view the image by clicking here.

The poster’s challenge was immediately met with criticism from meat eaters and vegans alike, including a lengthy counter post from Linden Lonsdale, who discussed the “evolutionary step” of eating meat.

“The evolutionary step of eating meat rather than vegetation was what provided our ancestors with the calorific content than vegetation and provided them with the energy needed for advanced brain development,” he began.

“Cooking makes it easier to eat and increases its calorific if we hadn't learned to cook and eat meat. we wouldn't be here today,” he continued. “The only reason people can survive today on a purely vegetarian or vegan diet, is because of the abundance of food which is available for us {mainly due to our step from hunter gatherers, ti farming and agriculture around 10,000 years ago).”

“So if you want to talk what's ‘natural’ (a term I have grown to despite [sic]), if anything eating meat (and indeed cooking it) is more ‘natural’ than living on a purely vegetarian diet; a feat only made possible by our modern lifestyle,” he concluded.

Many others pointed out the hypocrisy of the original poster’s statement that a vegan lifestyle is more “natural.”

“If you think eating vegetables is natural, pluck them out of the ground with your bare hands and eat them RAW,” one person turned the challenge around.

Several more slammed the “shaming” of the initial post, with one person stating that there is nothing inherently unnatural about eating meat.


“I don’t eat meat based on my own ethics and morals, and I really hate seeing these weird shaming arguments for meat eaters,” one wrote. “The only thing I see ‘not natural’ about eating meat is probably just that people eat too much meat but the same food abundance that allows me to be vegetarian allows for them to eat as much meat as they want.”

Although studies have linked “a small rise in the risk of disease at levels of 50–100 grams (1.8–3.5 ounces) of red meat consumed daily,” according to Dr. William Kormos, editor in chief of Harvard Men’s Health Watch, nutritionists tend to agree that no one diet is better than the other and that there is no one size fits all.