US Open: 5 Injured After Runaway Cart Crashes Into Crowds at Pebble Beach

An unlikely tragedy struck the U.S. Open this weekend when a runaway golf cart slammed into a crowd of spectators, leaving five injured.

Two fans were hospitalized and three more were injured after the crash, which came late in the golf tournament, according to a report by CBS News. The cart reportedly belonged to a vendor, who parked it near the 16th hole. However, a loose box fell onto the gas pedal, propelling the cart toward a group of bystanders.

Four people were reportedly hit by the golf cart before it was brought under control. They toppled into others, all gathered at Pebble Beach in California. According to the California Highway Patrol, two victims were put in an ambulance and taken straight to Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. The hospital declined to comment on their condition over the phone, and their names have not been released.

The police report did note that the five injured people ranged in age from 25 to 82, making for very different treatment needs. A statement by the USGA noted only three spectators and the vendor injured, though it may have been written before there was a full tally.

"Unfortunately, during today's second round of the US Open there was an incident involving a golf cart on the 16th hole that resulted in three spectators and a vendor being injured and requiring medical treatment," the statement read. "We will continue to monitor their conditions."

The incident shook golf fans everywhere, and some took to Twitter to share their confusion. One fan on the scene even noted that, as bad as the crash was, it could have ended up much worse.

“Wildest thing I’ve seen so far at the #usopen just happened," they wrote. “Box fell on the gas pedal of an unattended cart and it ran at full speed in large circles on the 16th fairway, hit at least two people before someone jumped on(ish) and knocked the box off."

"Could have been really bad," they added.


Meanwhile, the tournament carried on in spite of the strange accident, and many fans were thrilled. An editorial piece on ESPN called the U.S. Open perfect, and urged teh USGA not to "mess with it." Writer Ian O'Connor" noted that the broadcast was uncharacteristically blunt, and for that he loved it. He also praised the focus on the course itself, and the freedom given to the players on it.

The U.S. Open concludes on Sunday, live on Fox.


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