Prince George Generates Buzz Among Social Media With Sassy Wave at Trooping the Colour

Royal admirers had a laugh over Prince George's sassy wave goodbye at Trooping the Colour on Saturday.

The queen's annual birthday parade was full of precious moments for the youngest generation of royals on Saturday. The royal family gathered for a traditional parade celebrating the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch of Britain. This included a military march, and when the soldiers marched by, Prince George said a quick goodbye to them.

The royal family turned to file out of their viewing box when the parade ended. Princess Charlotte, Prince George's younger sister, gave a regal wave and a wan smile to the last of the marchers. Behind her, Prince George almost forgot to do the same. He threw up a wave behind his own back as an after thought, not looking back at the parade.

Once it was pointed out, people laughed over the clip. Of course, they were very understanding about the prince's slight lapse in decorum. It is impressive enough that the young royals keep so well-behaved at official functions, but parents know it is impossible to expect perfection. A harmless gesture like this struck most as funny.

"I adore them," one person wrote with a heart emoji.

"He wasn't in the mood today," laughed another.

"Haha... Did you notice Savannah hitting George in the end and him giving her back... Probably that is why they separated them this year," noted a third person.

Fans pointed out other hilariously candid moments from the royal family, such as the young Prince Louis' attempt at a royal wave. The 1-year-old prince kept his hand moving from side to side with a little bit of focus, but the look on his face was one of careful concentration and infantile doubt, not royal confidence.

Trooping the Colour is a royal tradition going all the way back to 1748. The parade began in the reign of King George II, who combined the existing annual summer military march with his own birthday celebration. The king was actually born in October, but wanted a more seasonal occasion.


Ever since then, every monarch celebrates their birthday in the summer, regardless of when they were actually born. They step outside to watch various regiments of the royal military march past, wave their flags and show their strength and prowess. This year, the royal viewing party included Meghan Markle for the very first time.

Trooping the Colour was broadcast by the BBC, and several clips are available to view online.


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