Ex-Royal Butler Paul Burrell Speaks out About Prince Harry’s Mom Before Royal Wedding: 'Diana Will Be There in Spirit'

A former Royal butler named Paul Burrell has spoken up about the Royal Wedding this weekend, saying the the late Princess Diana will be there "in spirit."

Burrell worked for the British royal family for several years, particularly in the service of Princess Diana. He has been accused by some of exploiting his relationship with the princess for money and fame. In 2003, he released a memoir titled A Royal Duty, chronicling his career in the Royal household.

This week, he was back in the headlines when he appeared on ITV, saying that Prince Harry's mother will be watching over him during Saturday's ceremony.

"Diana will be there in spirit. How can you not have Diana there? The boys will be thinking about her," Burrell said. "The Queen will give Meghan a diamond tiara the night before and she will carry white roses, I'm sure."

Burrell speculated on how Prince Harry's late mother would be remembered, but assured the interviewer that no matter what, she would be in her sons' thoughts.

"I can see there being touches of Diana throughout the day, she won't be far away and I bet the boys take a quiet moment. "It is a good chance for two boys to say 'thank you mummy, for bringing us into the world' because that is why they're here."

As for Meghan Markle, Burrell left no doubt that his former friend would have liked the actress.

"I think Diana would have approved of Meghan," he said confidently. "Together with Meghan by his side, they will go out and fulfil her dreams. If she was still there she would be at the centre of all of this, and Mrs. Middleton would not have got a look in with the grandchildren. We watched William and Harry walk behind the coffin, that 11 year old boy's heart broken and it's never been the same since, until he found Meghan; she mended it."

Burrell even spoke about the time when says he "met Harry," when Diana revealed to him in confidence that she was pregnant.

"I was at Balmoral with the queen and Diana was heavily pregnant," he recalled. "She took me into the dining room, and put my hand on her tummy and I felt a kick. She told me it was our little secret, and that was the first time I ever met Harry. I couldn't tell the Queen, my wife, anybody."


In addition to his memoir, Burrell has often found himself in the limelight because of his royal association. He appeared on a game show in 2004 called I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

He was also charged with stealing several of Princess Diana's possessions, though he was later cleared.