Men Jailed After Stabbing McDonald’s Customer and Stomping on His Head

Two men in the UK have been arrested after they violently attacked a third man inside of a McDonald’s restaurant.

Aiden St. Louis, 19, and Mohammed Gedi, 21, have each been sentenced to serve time in jail in connection to a violent attack on an 18-year-old man inside of a McDonald’s in Kent, UK in July, The Sun reports.

According to eyewitness accounts and video footage of the July 16, 2016 attack, St. Louis and Gedi chased the unidentified 18-year-old victim into the 24-hour McDonald’s at around 3:45 a.m., the two pushing through security door staff to gain entry. Once inside of the restaurant, the pair cornered the 18-year-old and began violently attacking him in front of around 50 other costumers.

The victim allegedly attempted to defend himself with a child’s high chair, but St. Louis brandished a large knife and stabbed him multiple times. Once on the ground, the pair continued their attack, stomping on the victim’s head and stabbing him several more times. Gedi ran away when security staff intervened, but St. Louis continued the attack for several more moments before eventually fleeing.

The victim sustained serious injuries to his head, arms, and legs and required surgery to repair damage sustained from the stabbing.

Officers identified Gedi and St. Louis as the attackers after reviewing video footage captured on a cellphone by one of the witnesses. The two were then arrested and charged with wounding with intent and having an offensive weapon.


“This was a sustained and incredibly violent attack and the offenders were not deterred by the number of witnesses present. It was a terrifying ordeal for the victim, who needed surgery on his wounds, and also for the other 40-50 people who were in the restaurant at the time. Their behavior was entirely inexcusable and they have shown that, by carrying out such a brazen and aggressive attack, they are a very real threat to other members of the public,” Detective Constable Peter Frampton, the investigating officer for the case, said.

St. Louis has been sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison and must serve an additional three years on license as part of an extended sentence. Gedi has been sentenced to seven years in prison.