Craving McPizza? Here's the One McDonald's Where You Can Still Get A Slice

Customers wanting to sink their teeth into the legendary and elusive Golden Arches McPizza will have to do some traveling.

Fans of McDonald’s hoping to take a bite out of the Italian fast food dish will have to visit the only place in America that still offers the McPizza: Orlando, Florida. According to Today, a McDonald’s in the Sunshine State, which is also known to be America’s largest McDonald’s, is the lone restaurant that still sells the elusive dish.

The McPizza is one of McDonald’s most mythical menu items. The mega-popular item was added to menus in the late ‘80s, but the chain stopped making the pizza in the 1990s because people had to wait too long for their pies.

Until Aug. 31, fans of the McPizza were still able to get their hands on the cheesy goodness at three locations — Pomeroy, Ohio; Spencer, West Virginia; and Orlando, Florida. The restaurants offered the gone-but-never-forgotten item in a personal-sized pizza or a family-sized pizza, with toppings that ranged from plain cheese, pepperoni, sausage, onions, mushrooms, and green peppers.

The nostalgic days of the McPizza, and the many road trips that people planned just to try it, came to an end for the Ohio and West Virginia locations, though.


“Our menu is always changing, and we will no longer be serving pizza at our locations. However, we continue to offer a wide variety of items for our customers to try and enjoy,” a McDonald's Corporate representative said in a statement from Greg Mills, the franchise operator for the West Virginia and Ohio locations.

While making a pilgrimage to Orlando may not be feasible for every lover of the McPizza, there is hope. Avid fans of the long-gone menu item have turned to social media in a campaign urging the return of McPizza. And before writing off Bring Back the McPizza on Facebook, consider a similar movement helped bring back a limited supply of Szechuan sauce.