McDonald's Shamrock Shake Officially Returns Feb. 21

The luck of the Irish is upon McDonald’s customers.

The Golden Arches announced that the gold at the end of the rainbow is returning, with the fast food chain’s popular Shamrock Shake set to return Feb. 21.

“The [Shamrock Shake] is officially back in select McDonald’s on 2/21 and ready to brighten up your winter days,” the company wrote on their official Twitter account.

Fans of the popular chilled drink are ecstatic.

“I can't wait,” one Twitter user exclaimed.

“I’m so happy,” wrote another.

While some customers are excited to have their favorite shake back, others are still concerned about the updated Happy Meal.

“You took the cheeseburger out of the happy meal, to be more healthy. Like there's a healthier option McDonald’s. Healthy and McDonald’s in the same sentence is an oxymoron,” one Twitter user commented.

On Thursday, the Golden Arches announced that they would be removing cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from the default menu for kids’ Happy Meals in an effort to make them healthier. The removal of the popular items is an effort to make the kids meal more health-conscious.

The change means that, on average, Happy Meals will contain 20% less calories, 50% less added sugars, 13% less saturated fat, and/or 17% less sodium.

The Golden Arches has been striving to make their Happy Meal options consist of 600 calories or less, contain less than 650 milligrams of soda, and ensure that less than 10% of the meal’s calories come from saturated fat and added sugar, criteria that cheeseburgers and chocolate milk do not meet.

The move, however, did not have customers “lovin’ it.”

Customers will still have the option of ordering cheeseburgers and chocolate milk with their Happy Meals, but the items will no longer be listed on the menu. The changes are expected to reach U.S. stores by June. McDonald’s will be working on a new recipe for chocolate milk that contains less sugar.