Toddler Torments Passengers With Eight-Hour Tantrum on Flight

Passengers aboard a flight from Germany to the United Stated were tormented by an unruly toddler throwing an eight-hour-long tantrum.

Passengers aboard a Lufthansa flight from Germany to Newark, New Jersey were left frustrated and exhausted after a 3-year-old boy threw a temper tantrum for the entire eight-hour journey. New York City artist Shane Townley recorded the ordeal and uploaded the video to YouTube, titling it, “Demonic child screams and runs through an 8 hour flight from Germany to Newark.”

The nearly five-minute-long video shows the unnamed toddler’s tantrum beginning before the flight even takes off, with the boy screaming uncontrollably. The boy’s mother, who also hasn’t been identified, can be heard asking a flight attendant if they can “get the Wi-Fi going so we can get the iPad going.”

Even after the flight takes off, and even with the Wi-Fi going, the boy’s tantrum doesn’t end. The 3-year-old can be seen perching himself on top of the backs of seats, hitting the ceiling of the cabin, running wildly down aisles, and continuing to scream, all while frustrated passengers cover their ears in an attempt to quiet the noise.

When the plane finally does end and passengers are able to exit it, the boy still screaming, one passenger can be heard saying, “That was a nightmare. Eight hours of screaming.”

The video has attracted dozens of comments both on YouTube and Twitter from appalled viewers.

“Definitely requires an exorcist,” one Twitter user commented.

“I've been campaigning to have qualified exorcists on every flight for years, but nobody took me seriously. Now people have suffered unnecessarily,” another Twitter user joked.

“I would have jumped from the plane,” commented another user.

“The kid is 3- they usually freak out when cannot tube always pacifies when do what you have to do...however this baby was already too wound up to calm. 3 year olds are all drama- all day long,” another person commented.

The ordeal has focused spotlight on the topic of child-free flight zones, which some airlines have considered implementing in the past.