Prosecutors Claim Children Murdered Over 'Stolen' Bagel

On Wednesday, prosecutors discovered the prime motive behind the 2015 murders of two children from Salinas, California, was all over a stolen bagel.

According to KSBW News, the violent deaths of 3-year-old Delylah Tara and her brother, 6-year-old Shaun Tara, 6, was committed after their 9-year-old sister “stole” a bagel on Thanksgiving.

Monterey County prosecutor Steve Somers claims it events happened when the 9-year-old took the bagel, and the three “got a beating, and that’s when the kids died.” The eldest of the siblings survived the beating, but “feels guilty.”

The children’s aunt, Tami Huntsman and Gonzalo Curiel, who was 17-years-old at the time, are being charged with torture and murder. The prosecutor alleges that the two drove in the middle of the night with the two bodies and the severely injured 9-year-old.

Officials said the 9-year-old girl was rescued two weeks later after being found by country deputies in a locked vehicle. It was then that the young girl was rushed to the hospital where her injuries showed she had nearly been beaten to death. Investigators claim they didn’t know at the time she had two missing siblings until Huntsman’s mother called them and asked where they were.

“I want to know where those babies are,” Joy Tara told Detective Steve Peay. “They could be on the side of the road, or buried somewhere.”

The grandmother and mother of Huntmans claims her 41-year-old daughter was “obsessed” with her underage boyfriend, Curiel.

Delylah and Shaun’s bodies were found Dec. 14, 2015, in a Redding storage facility.

The judge decided Wednesday that Huntsman’s trial will be delayed until Oct. 15, while Curiel’s trial will begin separately March 5. Curiel is being tried as an adult.