Watch: Streaker Runs Onto Field During Football Game in NSFW Video

Late in the Buffalo Bills' blowout loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, a streaker ran onto the field, providing the hometown fans with a little excitement.

Suddenly in the fourth quarter, a man wearing nothing but a smile and a beard jumped onto the field and ran through the end zone. He made it back to the one-yard line, where he did a little dance before being tackled by security, reports Buffalo News.

Security wrapped a yellow jacket around his waste so the crowd didn't have to see any more of his private parts.

Notably, the incident happened before the Bills themselves reached the endzone. It wasn't until after the two-minute warning that the Bills scored a touchdown to make the score 47-10.

"And we have a streaker! Yep, naked guy just ran onto the field late in the #Bills-#Saints game and was tackled near the end zone by security," Buffalo News writer Vic Carucci tweeted. "Have to say he had the best end-zone dance of the day."

Everyone else on Twitter made the same joke. The streaker gained more yards that the Bills' offense, who had only mustered 70 yards up until that point.

The Bills are now 5-4 and have a two-game losing streak.

Photo: Getty Images / Brett Carlsen