Why Pluto TV Is Essential for Any True Crime Fan

Over the past several years, interest in true crime has surged. While popular streamers including Netflix and Hulu have risen to become some of the most popular options for true crime fans, another streaming television service has cemented itself as an essential resource for true crime fans: Pluto TV. Offering hundreds of channels to its subscribers, as well as on-demand options, Pluto TV offers an expansive true crime library at just the click of a button, including both fiction and nonfiction, meaning subscribers can binge hours upon hours of true crime content.

Pluto TV is home to several channels that serve as collections of true crime content, including Classic TV Crime Drama, which boasts fan-favorite rime-stoppers of the '80s and '90s, as well as the latest hit procedurals. The channel streams 24 hours a day. Also available is Pluto TV Crime Drama, which allows viewers to "watch series and documentaries delving into all areas of criminal justice, from the hunt for killers to the drama inside the courtroom," per the channel's official description. The Crime 360 channel, meanwhile, is a true crime destination that covers all sides of crime with a slate of award-winning true crime and investigation series, specials, documentaries and original short-form content. Fans of true crime from across the pond can delve into British mysteries with BritBox Mysteries, with Pluto TV also offering Court TV, which is "devoted to LIVE gavel-to-gavel coverage, in-depth legal reporting and expert analysis of the nation's most important and compelling trials," as part of its lineup.

Pluto TV's true crime lineup also features more specialized interests. Fans of television's most popular true-crime series, 48 Hours, can binge the series on the 48 Hours channel. The Dateline 24/7 channel allows viewers to "discover true crime stories from The True Crime Original with episodes and top picks from the Dateline archives." Also in the lineup are channels including Cops, Forensic Files, Cold Case Files, The New Detectives, and Unsolved Mysteries.

Pluto TV also offers plenty of options for fans of crime procedurals that aren't based on true stories. Pluto TV subscribers have 24/7 access to channels including Blue Bloods, CSI, CSI: Miami, and CSI: NY, which allow viewers to watch their favorite crime shows anytime they want.

Pluto TV is an internet television service that is available for free. The free streaming channel service offers hundreds of channels and thousands of movies and TV series on-demand, with content spanning categories including movies and television, news and opinion, sports, comedy, reality, crime, classic TV, home and DIY, explore, gaming and anime, music, en español, kids, and more.