'WandaVision' Fan Notices Costume Mistake Ahead of 'Brady Bunch' Inspired Episode

WandaVision fans have already noticed an apparent mistake in the new Disney+ series, and it is going viral on social media. On Tuesday, a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan posted a screenshot from the WandaVision trailer, pointing out that a hole in Vision's (Paul Bettany's) sleeve reveals bare skin underneath. It looks like the error will come up in the Brady Bunch segment of the show.

The screenshot shows Vision and Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) sitting together on a swing set, holding hands and smiling at each other. Each of them has their other hand gripping the chain they are hanging from, and in Vision's case, that means the sleeve below his bright red hand is parted slightly at the button. Beneath it is plain white flesh, with no hint of the android skin he supposedly has.

As Marvel Comics and the MCU fans know well, Vision's entire body is supposed to be patterned red and green with a hint of gold when he is in his "normal form." The android can disguise himself as human, but there seems to be no logical reason for him to disguise the parts of his body beneath his clothes in this shot. Fans argued about the particulars in the comment section.

"Marvel is so strict with their details that I can't help but feel this is deliberate," one fan speculated. "I mean it's so obvious, clearly someone would have seen that when doing VFX and CGI... this could be hinting that this isn't the real Vision?!! IDK. If it is a mistake though... LOL." Another added: "If you deep it, it makes sense. Every episode of WandaVision is meant to parody an era of television. Whatever era we're calling this would've had errors like that. Now THAT'S accuracy from Marvel."

Others made more specific guesses about who this character could really be if it is indeed a Vision disguise. Some suggested Mephisto, while others proposed characters from the recently canceled Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Meanwhile, some took this opportunity to raise complaints about other perceived inconsistencies in the MCU, including a photo where the Winter Soldier's real wrist seems to show beneath his bionic arm, or the inconsistent nature of The Scarlet Witch's powers from movie to movie.


All jokes aside, these complaints seem unlikely to slow WandaVision's momentum among Marvel fans. New episodes of the series air on Fridays on Disney+. The season is scheduled to end in the first week of March.