'Waco' Spinning off Into Full Anthology Series 'American Tragedy'

The hit Paramount Network series Waco is spinning off into a full anthology series titled American Tragedy, which will be streaming on Paramount+. The series will reportedly focus on complex true crimes, similar to the real-life standoff that took place between the FBI and Branch Davidians, led by David Koresh. At this time, no specific moments in true crime history have been cited as possible season storylines, but the writers and creators no doubt have a plethora of options available to them. While fans wait for the upcoming new series to debut, they can try a free trial of Paramount+, which debuts on March 4.

Waco debuted on Paramount Network in January 2018, and was a six-part limited series that followed a dramatized version of the tragedy that took place in Waco in 1993. Koresh and his religious sect of fewer than 100 followers refused to allow ATF agents to execute a search warrant on their compound and things eventually escalated into a full-on stand-off and siege that lasted 51 total days. When the siege ended, a total of 86 people had been killed — both government agents and Branch Davidians — including Koresh. The circumstances surrounding the incident have widely been speculated on and discussed throughout the years, as a massive fire claimed 76 of the lives lost, and the origin of the fire has been often contested.

The Waco series starred Taylor Kitsch as Koresh, with Michael Shannon playing now-former FBI negotiator Gary Noesner, who was involved with the Waco event. Additional stars of the min-series include Andrea Riseborough (Black Mirror), Paul Sparks (Boardwalk Empire), Rory Culkin (Lords of Chaos), Shea Whigham (True Detective), Melissa Benoist (Supergirl), Julia Garner (Ozark), and Glenn Fleshler (Billions). Iconic actor John Leguizamo also appeared in Waco, playing Jacob Vazquez, a character inspired by real-life ATF agent Robert Rodriguez. He was nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie category for his role.


Paramount Network also created a documentary companion series to the show, titled Revelations of Waco, which was made available to stream exclusively on the network's website. The series featured commentary and insight from some of those involved in the siege, including Noesner and former ATF agent John Risenhoover. At this time, there is no word on whether or not American Tragedy will also have a companion documentary series.