Vin Diesel Takes Over Netflix's Top 10 With 3 Movies

Vin Diesel is dominating Netflix's Top 10 chart this weekend, as is his beloved character Riddick. At the time of this writing, all three of the Chronicles of Riddick films are in the Top 10 on Netflix in the U.S. Strangely, this surge comes over a month after a major update on the next installment in the Riddick franchise.

For those in need of a refresher, The Chronicles of Riddick film franchise came out in this order: Pitch Black (2000), The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) and Riddick (2013). Those who have seen the movies won't be surprised that they are on the Netflix chart in reverse order – Riddick stands at number four, Chronicles of Riddick at number seven and Pitch Black at number nine. Nevertheless, all three are there, meaning that fans are eagerly revisiting this cult classic and anticipating the next installment.

Riddick is a sci-fi space western created by brothers Ken and Jim Wheat, who created the fictional universe and many of its important elements before co-writing the first screenplay with David Twohy. After that, Twohy became the main driving force behind the creation of this franchise. It takes place in an unspecified future when humans have colonized much of space and splintered into different cultures around the cosmos. Humanity as a whole is at war with an alien species called the Necromongers.

The first movie was a low-budget film that introduced Riddick as a dangerous prisoner being transported on a spaceship in cryostasis. When the ship crashed on a dark planet inhabited by monsters. Riddick's unique night vision made him the unlikely hero of the expedition. From there, the scope of the series got much grander with epic battles and intergalactic political agendas.

Although it has been ten years since the last movie came out, Twohy and Diesel have always been confident that they would do another installment of The Chronicles of Riddick. Finally, last month Deadline reported that The Chronicles of Riddick: Furya has officially been ordered and is going into production. The title refers to Riddick's home world, meaning that this time fans will learn more about their anti-hero than ever before.

There's no telling when Riddick: Furya will be released, and the production details are not readily available online. However, fans can obviously spend that time revisiting all three Riddick films are they are streaming now on Netflix. If they still want more, there are several popular Riddick stories in other mediums, including the 2004 animated film Dark Fury, the three video games, two novels and the Syfy Channel special Into Pitch Black.