'Top Gear America' Season 2: Dax Shepard Tries to Hit 200 MPH in Exclusive First Look at the Season

Top Gear America is back, and it's bringing fans more cars, more speed and more laughs as Dax Shepard, Rob Corddry, and automotive expert Jethro Bovingdon go on the ultimate road trip. Season 2 of Top Gear America launches Friday, July 1, PopCulture.com can exclusively announce, coming to MotorTrend+. 

Shepard, Corddry and Bovingdon are traveling across the U.S. to more locations than ever as they celebrate the beauty of the country and take advantage of the wide-open spaces. In a PopCulture exclusive sneak peek of the premiere, Shepard gets behind the wheel of a 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition – top speed of 216 miles per hour – to see if he can reach 200 miles per hour himself in a long stretch of road in rural Montana. 

With the speedometer taped to keep Shepard in the dark about whether or not he hits his goal speed and V-Max mode enabled, the actor jokes, "I absolutely don't fit in here with a helmet on. I'm super slouched, and I'm ready." Bovingdon advises him to keep safety in the front of his mind and "just get it done," as they only have one shot to break the 200 miles per hour mark. 

As Shepard begins to accelerate, Bovingdon and Corddry can hardly contain their excitement. "It's gonna look so fast when it comes by," Bovingdon says eagerly. Shepard, in his car, agrees as things start to really pick up, telling the cameras, "Oh yeah, this is exciting." As the Ford GT moves into their sightline, Cordry also starts to get antsy, telling Bovingdon, "It's gonna be scary for us. Oh my god, look at this! This is crazy. Oh my god, that's fast!" Bovingdon agrees, simply saying, "Holy crap," as Shepard approaches – fast. 

While Shepard is starting to notice some "big undulations," he also gets some big cheers from his co-hosts as he zips by. "Oh my god, that's fast!" Corddry repeats. But is it fast enough to break the 200 miles per hour mark? Fans will have to tune in to see if Shepard really put the pedal to the metal – plus tons of other adventures – when Top Gear America kicks off Friday, July 1 on MotorTrend+.