'Tiger King' Subject Doc Antle Was on Stage With Britney Spears for Famous 2001 VMA Performance

As Netflix's Tiger King continues to be the most talked-about streaming series in the world right now, a photo has emerged show one of the show's subjects, Doc Antle, on stage with Britney Spears for her famous 2001 VMA performance. In the photo, Spears is seen donning the iconic green top and flowing blue bottoms from the performance, and Antle can be seen behind her wearing all black and handling a large tiger.

Antle being there for the performance may seem bizarre at first, until you consider that in the documentary series the now 60-year-old private zoo owner explains that he has spent many years working with Hollywood projects, such as Dr. Dolittle and Ace Ventura. Antle also worked some music videos as well, but he did not specifically name-drop Spears during the series. The recently resurfaced photo has had lots of people talking on Twitter, with one user replying, "I live where his zoo is ran, I've ran into him in town, he's a character for sure, but tbh his animals all look good, as far as animal owners people need to go after a different local place called Waccatee Zoo, the animals conditions there are horrific, locals have been trying to get it shut down for years." The user added, "I'm not sure what all photos you can find of it online, but that place is a s—hole, the animals are the definition of abused."

"Doc antle is the worst of them — I've said it!" another user exclaimed, later adding that while they find other subjects of the show to be "awful," Antle is the one who "gives me the heebie-jeebies like no other."

One user defended Spears from those who criticized the photo, saying, "Y'all wanna get mad at people for hanging out with people and not knowing they are bad....when you didn't know they were bad until u watched a Netflix doc two days ago? GOODBYE."

At this time, Spears does not appear to have commented in the newly resurfaced photo.


Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness is now streaming on Netflix.