‘The Ranch’ Part 8 Trailer Reveals a Bennett Family Member Has Been Arrested

The Ranch dropped a trailer for Part 8, and it revealed some big details about what will go down in the sitcom's final episodes. Among them were a supporting character's death and another character's arrest. In fact, the two reveals are connected, meaning there is big trouble ahead for one of the show's characters.

Spoilers ahead for The Ranch Part 7 and Part 8.

While the details are mostly kept under wraps in the trailer, the reveal is made that Luke Bennett (Dax Shepard) has been arrested. While the Bennett family is no stranger to having run-ins with the law, this lock-up is much different as Luke is being charged with murder.

Luke, the Bennett family cousin and former soldier, is being blamed for the death of Nick (Josh Burrow).

Nick is one of the main antagonists the Bennetts have encountered over the course of the series. He's the abusive and drug-using ex-husband of Mary (Megyn Price) who ran Rooster Bennett (Danny Masterson) out of town and threatened to kill the Bennett family. Beau Bennett (Sam Elliott) ran him out of town, but he resurfaced in Part 7 and got Mary hooked on drugs.

Luke took particular offense to this, being as he dated Mary briefly, even marrying her in a spur of the moment Las Vegas ceremony.

The Bennett boys learn about Nick's return at the very end of Part 7. Beau warns Luke that he is "bad f—in' news" before heading over to Nick's with a gun. Luke soon follows him over.

"I'm not gonna sit here and do nothing," Luke said at the time.

Colt Bennett (Ashton Kutcher) also took out to Nick's, but it was unclear who got there first. Nick encounters an unseen person at his trailer before being shot.

In the trailer it seems Luke either killed Nick or he at least showed up at the time police arrived. Mary tells someone off-screen, "They just arrested Luke for killing Nick."

Police are then shown outside Nick's trailer, ordering someone to come out. He don't see Luke's face, but a hand that presumably belongs to him reaching outside to surrender.

There's no word on how the storyline will play out, but Part 8 is the show's final run of episodes, meaning that just about anything could happen.

Parts 1-7 of The Ranch are currently streaming on Netflix. Part 8 will be released on Jan. 24.


Photo Credit: Netflix