'The Ranch' Part 7: Beau and Joanne's Relationship Goes Through a Major Change

Beau Bennett (Sam Elliott) and his longtime girlfriend Joanne (Kathy Baker) have a very busy [...]

Beau Bennett (Sam Elliott) and his longtime girlfriend Joanne (Kathy Baker) have a very busy storyline during Part 7 of The Ranch, but it all concludes in a major status change for the couple. Actually there are several changes throughout the season (including one about one of the character's health), and we're breaking it all down here.

Spoilers ahead for The Ranch Part 7.

To start Part 7 (the first-half of Season 4) off, the couple are in their usual ways. They're happily dating and living together on Beau's ranch.

At one point, Beau realizes just how much he loves Joanne and decides it's time to propose. In a sweet scene on the ranch porch, he reveals tons of little details he loves about her, and gets down on one knee to propose. However, Joanne turns him down and leaves, citing that they're moving too fast.

However, it just doesn't add up to Beau, and he soon learns why. The next morning, Joanne reveals to him that she is in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. She then breaks things off and tells Beau she is moving off to Arizona later that day to go live with her daughter. She does all this in order to keep from burdening Beau.

Once she arrives in Arizona, Joanne is surprised to learn that Beau was not far behind her. He reiterates how much he loves her and how he wants to be with her and wants to take care of her, even if she's sick. The pair then decides to go back to Colorado.

Soon after, in a scene mirroring Beau's inital proposal, Joanne pops the question to the Bennett patriarch.

"I can't believe that I ever considered not spending the rest of my life with you," Joanne says. "You are the most loyal, honorable and sweetest man I have ever met."

"Stop, or I'll smile again," Beau says, later adding, "You know the best part of all this? Colt (Ashton Kutcher) is now half-yours."

The couple has a wedding later that week in the front of the ranch's main house. Each of them writes their own vows, and delivers them in a romantic manner.

"Beau, when I was first diagnosed, I tried to hide it from everybody," Joanne says. "And then when I finally told you, I ran away. But you wouldn't let me go through this alone and thank God because the only place I feel safe is here with you. You're loyal, you're dependable, you run pretty well considering all the miles on you. You're the Chevy of men."

Beau chimes in, "Aren't you supposed to be saying something nice?"

Joanne wraps up, adding, "I never thought I'd find love this late. Which begs the question, 'Where have you been all my life?'"

Beau then steps up, and the often gruff rancher shows off his sweet spot for Joanne.

"Joanne, you're my best friend, the love of my life," he says. "I know I'm not an easy man to live with. I also know, that my family presents its own set of challenges. Despite all that, you're still here. I know I don't deserve you, but I'm gonna make you a promise. I'm gonna try and be a better man every day. But if we live to be a thousand, I'm never gonna be as good a person as you are. I love you, Joanne."

The pair then says "I do," with Joanne lightheartedly noting, "If it's a mistake, I'll forget about it pretty soon."

All episodes of The Ranch are currently streaming on Netflix. Part 8 is expected to premiere some time in 2020.

Photo Credit: Greg Gayne / Netflix