'The Knight Before Christmas' With Vanessa Hudgens Is Netflix's Latest Holiday Offering

Vanessa Hudgens is continuing her string of Christmas movies on Netflix with her latest flick, The [...]

Vanessa Hudgens is continuing her string of Christmas movies on Netflix with her latest flick, The Knight Before Christmas, set to premiere on Nov. 21. The first trailer for the holiday film was released on Nov. 7. Hudgens will star alongside Josh Whitehouse.

This will be the second straight year Hudgens finds herself as the leading role of a Christmas film on the streaming service. In 2018, the former Disney Channel star appeared in The Princess Switch. She already has her third film slated for next year with the sequel, The Princess Switch: Switched Again, coming out in 2020.

"I was really excited by the idea of being a staple in people's home for the holidays," she said in an interview with PopSugar.com. "If I can be a part of bringing families together at a time that can be difficult and allow them a little escapism or inspiration, I think that's just a wonderful and beautiful thing to be."

In The Knight Before Christmas, Hudgens' character, Brooke, finds herself in an unusual situation after striking Whitehouse's character, Sir Cole, with her car. From that point on, the two are intertwined.

"We all grow up fantasizing about finding true love with a knight in shining armor and living happily ever after, but that's all it is -- a fantasy," Hudgens says at the beginning of the trailer.

After running over a man who she thinks is dressed as a knight — he actually is a knight — the two end up building a bond as the trailer shows them visiting a tree farm, going to the grocery store and decorating the house.

It seems as though the reveal of Sir Cole as actually being a knight will be a shock to Brooke as she says in the clip, "Who are we to tell him he's not who he says he is? What if Cole really is who he says he is? What if there are things beyond our comprehension?"

In that aforementioned interview with PopSugar.com, Hudgens says this overlying storyline won't be much different than that of her Christmas movie last year but that her character will be unique. She went on to share how she likes to do the same thing twice, so having this opportunity at this quirky movie was one she couldn't pass.

"It is another high-concept love story — with Switch it's twins, and with this, it's a time-traveling knight — but the character herself was something that was really appealing to me. She's a strong, logical, intelligent young woman who, at the end of the day, is looking for love but isn't someone that needs to be rescued," Hudgens said.

As is typically the case with Netflix, The Knight Before Christmas will be available to stream at 3 a.m. ET on Nov. 21 or midnight for those on the west coast.