'The Circle' Star Reveals Pregnancy After Season 2 Finale

Circle alert! One of the contestants who competed on Season 2 of The Circle shared some incredibly positive news about their personal life. During an interview with PEOPLE, Deleesa St. Agathe, who competed as Trevor on The Circle (which is her husband's identity), is pregnant. St. Agathe already shares a daughter with her husband, Trevor. The two are expecting another baby girl.

The Circle contestant revealed that she learned about her pregnancy while she was competing in the competition series. St. Agathe also shared that she is due in a month and a half. She explained, "Before I left for the show, obviously, I knew I was going to be away for a long time. Me and my mans Trevor, we had a nice goodbye moment and that moment turned into this right here. I'm due in, like, a month and a half, and I found out while [filming]." St. Agathe said that she took a pregnancy test while she was on The Circle, which came back positive. She noted that receiving this information while filming the reality series was a "crazy" experience. The Netflix personality said that she "figured" that she was pregnant before she took a pregnancy test, but she decided to continue on in the competition as she wanted to simply focus on the game.

"When I say I'm the most competitive person in the world, I'm like, 'Okay that's gonna go to the back end because I can't do anything about it now. I'm not gonna tell Trevor. My mind has to stay in the game,'" St. Agathe continued. "I didn't want to take a pregnancy test because I just knew. I know my body." The contestant explained that it was certainly a bit wild to learn about her pregnancy while filming the Netflix series, but she called it a "really cool" situation nonetheless. (Spoilers ahead for Season 2 of The Circle.)


"The fact that I even made it on the show is a blessing," she added. "The fact that I found out that I was pregnant, that I'm having another baby is a blessing. The fact that I freaking won is a blessing. The fact that I worked with these amazing people is a blessing. [It's] a blessing on blessing on blessing on blessing." St. Agathe said that she told the (real) Trevor about the exciting news via FaceTime shortly after filming ended. She even joked that she was "pretty sure" that her husband "felt like he was in the Twilight Zone" after hearing about her win and her pregnancy.