'Stranger Things': Soft Cell's Marc Almond Calls Upcoming Live From the Upside Down Concert Event an 'Out of This World Experience' (Exclusive)

The Stranger Things/Doritos "Live From the Upside Down" concert event is coming up this month, and Soft Cell's Marc Almond wants fans to know that it's an "out of this world experience." The concert event, dubbed Doritos Music Fest '86, will be available for fans to stream on June 23 and feature Soft Cell along with The Go-Go's, Corey Hart, and Charli XCX. Speaking exclusively to PopCulture.com about what it was like to film the big concert event, Soft Cell singer Marc Almond said "it was just amazing."

Almond continued, "It was something very different and very new, very exciting for me. And thanks to Netflix and Doritos for making it happen, which was great. I mean, I played all over the world, but never out of the world before. So this is a kind of a new experience, out of the world, out of this world experience for me in the Upside Down room was fantastic." Almond also marveled at the set where they shot the concert, saying, "I think it was amazing. Kind of like... I think a strange kind of forest, I think... It was very exciting. The whole thing was very kind of exciting. And I mean, this strange dead forest or something. It was an amazing place."

Doritos Music Fest '86 couldn't be a more perfect companion to Stranger Things, considering the show takes place in the '80s and the artists featured are some of the most beloved musicians from that era. "I really love all the kind of references in the show as well," Almond said of the sci-fi series/musical pairing. "It's all the things that I've kind of grown up with and everything. So I kind of get it all, and I like the kind of in... I can recognize all the references."

He then quipped, "And I have to say that my nephews and my niece, they would kill me if I didn't... if I hadn't appeared in this concert. You know? Because they'd never, ever forgiven me because they just love it, and they just watch it all the time. And it's a great, great show. You know? Sit there, enjoy it with a bag of Doritos, and have a good time."

Finally, we asked Almond about the legacy of Soft Cell and what it's been like for him and his bandmate David Ball to watch the synthpop music scene evolve over the years, seeing as how Soft Cell was one of the first mainstream bands to break ground in electronic music. "It's been kind of incredible really," he replied. "Because it's been an amazing journey. As you say, 40 years I've been making music now since... 42 [years], I think. Since Soft Cell first formed in the late '70s even. We made fame in the '80s. So it was... It's been just a wonderful thing to see all the influences that we've had on people, how we've inspired people, and we've come a long way."


He added, "And now finally, here we are, in Stranger Things, which is absolutely fantastic for us. And it's great... It's a great thing that kind of gives some good profile for us, for our tour and everything in America, which is fantastic." Soft Cell recently released their sixth studio album, Happiness Not Included, their first full-length album in 20 years. Next up, the iconic duo will be coming to the States for a series of shows where they will play their classic debut 1981 album, Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret, in full for the final time. Fans can get all the details, including concert dates, at Soft Cell's official website.

The big "Live from the Upside Down" event kicks off on June 23. In addition to the epic performances, viewers will also have access to 1980s-inspired concert merch like t-shirts, hats, bags, and posters. Fans can get access to the epic Doritos Music Fest '86 concert, by clicking on this Snacks.com link. Stay tuned to PopCulture.com for more coverage in the near future!