'Stranger Things' Star Spills Details on What to Expect From Season 4

Stranger Things Season 4 is currently filming, and according to one of its stars, the Netflix show's next outing will be its scariest yet. Gaten Matarazzo appeared on The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon this week, where host Jimmy Fallon reminded him that he had previously called the upcoming season "the scariest one."

"Ooh, yeah. That’s the one thing that I’ve noticed," the actor replied. "I was reading it and I'm like, 'They are going for it this year. That’s pretty cool.'" According to Matarazzo, along with an increase in scares, Season 4 will also be more mature than past installments. "When it comes to the tone of the season, it’s definitely, I think the tone is definitely matured for sure, and I think they do that on purpose because I think they want their show to mature with their kids," he told Entertainment Tonight.

"As we are growing older as people, we have to grow older as characters," he continued, sharing that [showrunners] Matt and Ross Duffer are incorporating the actors' own changes into the show. "They’re confronted by this issue, but they embrace it, and they use it to their advantage," the 18-year-old explained. "And they don’t freak out when we get taller or when our voices drop or anything like that. They use it and they use it as ammunition for their writing. It’s incredible what they can do. Working with them, it’s just exceptional. Always has been."

Matarazzo added that the Duffer Brothers' goal is to "make sure that the bar is raised every single season, but it's raised not too much to a point at which we couldn't be able to exceed or match what we've done prior." "They're ambitious," he said. "They are hungry guys. They know what their show is; they know what people like about it. They know what they want and they're going to get it too."

Season 3 of Stranger Things premiered on Netflix in July 2019, and no date has been announced for Season 4. While the show is currently filming, even the cast doesn't know when the season will wrap, let alone arrive on Netflix. "There’s very few dates that are reliable," Matarazzo recently told Collider. "It really is more of a guesstimation on when we’re gonna be filming next, when we’re gonna be wrapping up when release is gonna be, all that jazz because we still don’t know on day-to-day if we’re gonna be filming next week. I should be filming like next month for a bigger chunk than I’ve had in a bit, but even though it’s coming up in about two weeks from now, I still don’t know an exact date. So because of that, there’s really no way to figure out when we’re gonna be wrapping."