'Ozark' Season 4 Adds Golden Globe-Winning Actress, But Not How Fans Would Expect

Ozark fans keeping up with production updates on Season 4 will know that a huge name is attached to the upcoming episodes. Robin Wright — the actress best known for her roles in The Princess Bride, Forrest Gump, House of Cards and Wonder Woman — will be part of Ozark Season 4. However, she won't be acting. Instead, Wright is stepping behind the camera to direct at least one installment of the show's final season.

Wright, who won a Golden Globe for playing Claire Underwood in House of Cards, has been racking up directing credits in recent years as she expands her filmography. She directed 10 episodes of House of Cards throughout its six-season run, as well as the 2017 short film The Dark of Night. Earlier in 2021, Wright made her feature-length directorial debut with Land, a movie about a woman (played by Wright) who tries to survive on her own in a remote cabin in the mountains. Now, it appears the 55-year-old will take her talents to the Ozark Mountains.

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Wright shared the above clip to Instagram on May 29, showing the view on the Ozark set, which is actually located near Atlanta, Georgia. In particular, she showed off the setting of the Langmore family's trailers. No word on what the scene being shot is all about, but it likely isn't too joyous if it involves the Langmore homestead.

Wright also dished on the Ozark gig in an interview with Perri Nemiroff for the Collider video show Collider Ladies Night. In the chat, the eight-time Emmy nominee confessed to being a huge fan of the Netflix series and its cast for years. She also said she was up to the challenge of learning the show's style, which is well established after its three previous seasons.

"It's one of my favorite shows and has been from Episode 1, Season 1. And I just love that cast so much and the style of the show. And you think, 'Well, is it possible that something could be darker than House of Cards?' Yes, this one! [Laughs] So maybe that's of interest. It's all kind of conditioning I have, I don't know. I just love the show and respect that group of actors on it so much, so I'm really honored and excited to be able to direct a little bit of Season 4."


She added, "It's interesting because being on House of Cards, we had to adhere to a canvas. There was a style to that show. We could only use certain lenses, we couldn't use handheld camera, never use steadicam. And so you felt this structure of kind of being confined, but it's a great way to learn when you go, 'OK, I can't step outside the toy box there. OK, how am I going to shoot my style without breaking the style of the show?' This is going to be the same, I think. And now that I understand, 'OK, how do I adhere to the Ozark style but still bring mine as a director?' Yeah, we'll see how it goes!"

Ozark Season 4 does not have a release date just yet, but it is currently filming. It will be the show's last season. Seasons 1-3, totaling 30 episodes, are currently streaming on Netflix.