'Orange Is the New Black' Fans Question Beloved Character's Absence

Orange Is the New Black fans who have already finished season 6 noticed a glaring character absence, and they are not okay with it.

Spoilers ahead for Orange Is the New Black season 6.

Throughout the new season's 13 episodes, one fan-favorite character is totally absent: Maritza Ramos (Diane Guerrero).

Martiza was last scene in the season 5 finale as she was put on a bus and separated from her best friend, Marisol "Flaca" Gonzales (Jessica Cruz).

Flaca is featured in a large amount of season 6 as she was transferred to the maximum security prison alongside the show's core cast. Maritiza is gone, with the only trace of her being when Flaca talks about her.

"I got a best friend. She's in a facility 1,500 miles away, and I think about her every day," Flaca says at one point. "I think about her when I'm putting on my makeup and when I'm taking off my makeup and when I'm thinking about what makeup I'm gonna do."

The absence saddens Flaca, but fans were also torn up about the lack of Maritza.

"I'm watching the new season of Orange is the New Black and the love of my life aka Maritza hasn't been on, and I miss her so much," one fan wrote.

Another fan wrote, "Flaca needs her Maritza back. The fans want Maritza back. I NEED MY MARITZA BACK. SOMEONE COME GET OUR GIRL BACK."

Some then took their questions directly to Guerrero.

The 32-year-old actress, who had her time tied up with CBS' Supreme Donuts, has been tweeting as usual and promoting upcoming projects, such as her role in the DC Universe TV show Doom Patrol. Fans have been filling her replies with questions about where Maritza was and sad pleas for her to return to OITNB.

"Spill the T, why you not on OINTB?" one fan asked. "You were my fav char, how they gonna cut you like that? Maritza is iconic."

Another fan wrote, "I missed you a lot this season of Orange."

Despite Guerrero's omission from the cast, her supporters seem to be mostly positive about the season.

"This might have been my favorite season of Orange Is the New Black even tho Maritza wasn't on it," one fan wrote.


Season 6 and all other seasons of Orange Is the New Black are available on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Netflix / JoJo Whilden