'OITNB' Star Danielle Brooks Shows off Stunning Baby Bump at Premiere Red Carpet

Danielle Brooks raised the bar for maternity fashion on the red carpet during the Orange Is the [...]

Danielle Brooks raised the bar for maternity fashion on the red carpet during the Orange Is the New Black Season 7 premiere. The actress looked radiant in a white floor-length gown and matching blazer by designer Christian Siriano for the big event, along with a stunning white hat over her hair.

The actress cradled her adorable baby bump down the carpet, also showing off her perfect manicure.

Ahead of the event, Brooks took to Instagram to thank her fans for being by her side throughout the show's run, and sharing some throwback photos from other events throughout the series.

(Photo: Getty Images)

"The photos I take tonight will mean the most, as I share them with the people who have become my family and with carrying the little Debbie cake inside this Taystee oven," she wrote in the caption of the heartwarming post.

"It's the end of an era, and the beginning of so much more," she added.

Brooks broke the news of her pregnancy earlier this month on Instagram with a Clearblue-sponsored post.

"So elated to finally share this news with you all. I'm happily pregnant!" she captioned the image, also revealing she was 20 weeks along.

"When one chapter ends, another begins. Super excited to share with you my new beginning, I'M PREGNANT," she added on Instagram Stories at the time. She did not reveal whether she was expecting a boy or a girl.

Along with her exciting baby news, Brooks has been busy promoting the final season of the beloved Netflix series. Earlier this week she revealed to Buzzfeed News she was one of the last members of the cast to wrap production on the show back in February.

"I was actually the last person to shoot. It was a solo shot. I didn't even have a castmate to share it with," Brooks said, revealing that before that scene was filmed, she wrote a song to share with her castmates that saw the set become "a lake full of tears" when she sang it.

She also teased Taystee's journey in the final season, which finds her in the aftermath of being convicted of a second-degree murder she did not commit.

"She's been through so much trauma," Brooks said. "It's crazy to see somebody who started out with such a lighthearted spirit be taken through this terrain, through so much, and even in Season 7...I didn't even think they could go any further than what they did, and they did!"

Orange Is the New Black's final season is now streaming on Netflix.