There's an Innovative New Way to Binge Netflix Shows

If you're looking for a unique way to binge Netflix movies on the go, a Reddit user found an ingenious way to do it.

Say you're in a packed train car, so you can't sit and watch your show. But you don't want to stop the story. Last week, a Reddit user named A_Alexandre posted directions on turning your favorite Netflix show or movie into an audio book.

When you start your movie or show, go to the options and turn on "audio description," like you would for subtitles. The Netflix app actually has a full category of shows and movies with Audio Descriptions, listed under Thrillers.

The audio description is an audio track describing the action and what characters are doing in a scene. It turns the show into an audio book or podcast.

As Lifehacker notes, there are about 50 titles with audio description tracks, including Daredevil, Mad Men, The Good Place, Finding Dory, Stranger Things and How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

A_Alexandre notes that you can continue hearing the audio description even with your device's screen off.

If you want to listen to your show before you go to sleep, you can set your phone's self-timer to shut itself off.

Reddit users were excited by A_Alexandre's discovery.


"That's actually pretty cool! Didn't realize this was a feature," one wrote.

"Awesome, thanks! Doctor Strange was cool, cannot wait to try others. I love audio books and I love Netflix, so this is perfect," another wrote.