Netflix's New Movie Tells True Story of 13-Year-Old Girl's Disappearance

Netflix's new harrowing real-life tale of Yara is a hit with subscribers. The film currently sits at No. 7 on the Top 10 list. Yara is a crime drama on Netflix that chronicles the search and investigation of the subsequent murder of a 13-year old girl. 

Based on a true story, the investigation centering around Yara Gambirasio takes years. The film chronicles what takes place after Gambirasio's disappearance on Nov. 26, 2010. A large search ensues. Eventually, DNA evidence via a genetic database that tracks everyone that Gambirasio might have come in contact with leads to the culprit. 

Gambirasio disappeared on her way back from the Brembate di Sopra sports center. Her body was discovered on Feb. 26, 2011, in Chignolo d'Isola, about 10 kilometers from the sports center. 

The initial subject was released due to a mistake made in translating his call. The collection of genetic samples from nearly 22,000 people made the teen's case Italy's most extensive DNA search. Massimo Giuseppe Bossetti was arrested for the crime. DNA evidence led investigators to his mother, Ester Arzuffi, before they were able to locate him. He was arrested in June 2014. Though he was convicted, he continues trying to appeal the conviction. He's currently serving life in prison. 

A review from Decider says the film's breakout performance from Isabella Ragonese makes it worth the stream. "Without her, Yara simply doesn't work," it reads. "Ragonese breathes life into what some might see as the classic obsessed detective role, but she also seems to honor the real woman she is playing. She's the perfect guide through this harrowing case, taking us along for the ride as she chases down every lead and commits to unearthing the truth, even at the expense of her own wellbeing. She's an understated performer, doing much of the work with her eyes and physicality rather than digging deep into any monologues or dramatic exchanges."