Netflix Users Are Loving Vanessa Hudgen's New Christmas Movie 'The Princess Switch'

Netflix's The Christmas Switch is already a royal Christmas win among Netflix subscribers.

The Vanessa Hudgens-starring film, one of just a few holiday-themed additions being rolled out at the streaming giant throughout the months of November and December, debuted on Netflix over the weekend, and fans couldn't help but flock to Twitter to praise their early Christmas gift.

The film has everything that Christmas movie-lovers could possibly want, including a kiss under the mistletoe and a charming prince, according to one Twitter user, who shared a lengthy checklist that The Princess Switch met.

The Christmas Switch sees Hudgens pulling double duty, starring as Margaret, "the gorgeous Duchess of Montenaro" and Stacy, a "commoner from Chicago." Just one week before Christmas and after discovering that they look exactly alike, they switch places, and with the assistance of Santa's helper, "Margaret falls in love with Stacy's handsome co-worker, while Stacy falls in love with Margaret's fiance, the dashing Prince."

Although cheesy, the Hudgens-starring movie is a standout among romantic holiday films, being applauded by viewers for the romantic chemistry between Hudgens and her onscreen love interests.

Along with praise for the movie's cheesy romance, fans are also applauding the actress' on-point portrayal of two different characters.

The film is even earning praise for dropping a sly advertisement to fellow Netflix film A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, whose predecessor, A Christmas Prince, became an instant hit upon its debut last year. Hudgens' Netflix film features a trailer for A Christmas Princes' sequel. Many are hoping that The Princess Switch will be granted the same fate of a second run.


The streaming giant is offering a number of other holiday specials this year, Netflix announcing earlier this month its It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Netflix holiday streaming list schedule. The list, which officially began debuting earlier n November, features films and specials like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinter's Tale, Nailed It! Holiday, and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

The Princess Switch is currently available for streaming.