Netflix: 'The Challenge' and 'Are You the One?' Among Reality Shows Coming in December

Some of your favorite reality shows are finally making the jump over to Netflix. The streaming [...]

Some of your favorite reality shows are finally making the jump over to Netflix. The streaming service recently announced that various seasons of The Challenge, Are You the One?, America's Next Top Model, and Survivor would be coming to Netflix in December. So, get ready to catch up on some of your favorite shows incredibly soon.

Netflix recently revealed that there is a bevy of well-known reality television shows that will be coming to the service in December. On Nov. 15, the streamer posted new seasons of Survivor (Season 20: Heroes vs. Villains and Season 28: Cagayan) and two new seasons of America's Next Top Model (Seasons 19 and 20). MTV's Are You The One?, a popular reality dating series, will make its Netflix debut on Dec. 1 with Seasons 1 and 2. In mid-December (Dec. 15, to be exact), The Challenge will make its way to Netflix. The streamer will post Season 10: The Inferno II and Season 13: The Duel of the longtime MTV series. Additionally, Netflix is also giving Teen Mom 2 fans something to look forward to, as Seasons 1 and 2 of the series will also premiere on Dec. 15.

Interestingly enough, the timing of Netflix's latest drop coincides with when the next season of The Challenge, Season 36, is due to premiere. On Dec. 9, The Challenge: Double Agents will premiere on MTV. The competitors, which include CT Tamburello, Nany Gonzalez, Leroy Garrett, Cory Wharton, and Kam Williams, will be partnered up throughout the season. Although, as the title of the season would suggest, those partnerships will be shifting throughout the course of the game as players can either steal a partner or be stolen themselves.

Like the previous season of the show, The Challenge: Total Madness, the red skull twist will be back. This means that competitors will indeed have to see an elimination if they wish to make the final. But, unlike last season, there are only a limited number of skulls, making the competition all the more intense. The Challenge: Double Agents was filmed this past fall in Iceland and, like always, will see the competitors taking part in an exciting array of stunts that will surely test them like never before.