Netflix Marks out Kevin Spacey on 'House of Cards' Poster, Removes Name From Cast List

Netflix is throwing some subtle shade at Kevin Spacey, who starred as the main character in its [...]

Netflix is throwing some subtle shade at Kevin Spacey, who starred as the main character in its original series House of Cards for five seasons before allegations of sexual assault surfaced against him last year.

(Photo: Netflix)

A few eagle-eyed Netflix users have spotted that Spacey's image has been obscured from the poster advertising the streaming service's hit political drama, while his name has been removed from the credits.

"Who at @netflix decided to obscure Spacey's face on the thumbnail and remove his name from the cast list on #houseofcards as a quick fix?" someone tweeted.

It's likely that Spacey's name was simply removed from the easily viewable credits, as he does not appear in season 6; his name still appears in the overall show credits.

Other fans noticed that in Netflix's new option to personalize an account photo using an avatar from one of the platform's original shows, the only photos available for House of Cards are the American flag and Robin Wright's Claire Underwood.

"Lol Netflix lets you use characters from popular shows as your login avatar, house of cards does not have Kevin spacey's face up there," someone wrote.

"There are many selections, from Netflix's original productions, but there is no Kevin Spacey, the main character of House of Cards available. lol," another said.

Some Netflix users lamented that Netflix continues to use its signature knocking sound effect at the beginning of all its original content, which for years has been thought of by fans to be Spacey's character's knock on his desk made famous in the season 2 finale.

"Netflix has been hilariously altering the house of cards images to look like this but they continue to use Frank Underwood's knock as their "duh duhhh" sound bumper for all of their material 🙄 I just find it funny. I mean its a great sound, just sadly coming from Spacey's hand," one Netflix user wrote on Twitter.

The Spacey-less sixth season of House of Cards, which will be its last, is returning to Netflix on Friday, Nov. 2, Netflix announced earlier this month. It will heavily feature Weight as the newly sworn in Commander-in-Chief Claire Underwood, who has taken the reins after former Commander-in-Chief Frank Underwood resigned after his scandals came to light.

The series was forced to halt production on season 6 after allegations of sexual misconduct were made against Spacey. As a result of the allegations, some of which occurred on the set of House of Cards, Netflix made the decision to sever ties with Spacey. Many have speculated that Frank's exit from the show will be via an off-screen death, although it has not yet been announced how season 6 will deal with Spacey's absence.

Meanwhile, Spacey's newest movie, Billionaire Boys Club, has grossed an insanely low $126 after it was quietly dumped into 10 theaters earlier this month. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it averaged $12.60 per location, which is not even two tickets based on the national $9.27 average, making it easily the worst opening for Spacey.