Netflix's New Home Invasion Movie Shoots to No. 1 Spot

Netflix recently debuted a new home invasion thriller titled Intrusion, and it quickly shot to the number one spot on the streaming service. Shortly after it premiered on Wednesday, Intrusion became the top Netflix movie in the world, and reached the number three spot on the streamer's U.S. charts. Over the past few days, Intrusion has ticked down a few slots — according to Flix Patrol — but is still in multiple Netflix top 10 categories.

Intrusion stars Freida Pinto as Meera Parsons (Hillbilly Elegy, Rise of the Planet of the Apes) "a woman who moves to a small town with her husband," Henry — played by Logan Marshall-Green (Big Sky, Spider-Man: Homecoming) —  "but is rattled when she is targeted for a home invasion."  In addition to Pinto and Marshall-Green, the film also stars Robert John Burke, Sarah Minnich, Yvette Fazio-Delaney, Clint Obenchain, Mark Sivertsen, Megan Elisabeth, Hayes Hargrove, David DeLao, Brandon Root, Josh Horton, and Bonita King. Intrusion was directed by Adam Salky, from a script by Christopher Sparling.

Netflix has launched a few popular new movies over the past month, with one being the recent drama film The Starling, which stars Melissa McCarthy and Chris O'Dowd. In the film, O'Dowd and McCarthy play Jack and Lily Maynard, a married couple who have lived through a terrible tragedy and have each gone about processing their grief in different ways. As they walk different paths toward healing, they are forced to fight for their relationship while also fighting for their own mental and emotional health.

O'Dowd and McCarthy previously appeared together in two other films: Bridesmaids (2001)and St. Vincent (2014). Notably, The Starling is helmed by St. Vincent director Theodore Melfi, marking the second time all three have worked together. Speaking exclusively to, O'Dowd shared that, while he and McCarthy have worked opposite one another in the past, The Starling, in many ways, "did feel like it was the first time" they got to really dig into their roles together, "and it was lovely." 

"She's all the things that she kind of comes across as," O'Dowd says of his co-star and friend, "very warm, but also, she's very, very talented." While the film's subject matter is quite heavy, O'Dowd says that he gleaned a lot of support from McCarthy and Melfi. "I was very lucky in that I was surrounded by people who were very sensitive and lovely," he shared. Both Intrusion and The Starling are now streaming on Netflix.