Netflix Email Scam Targeting Millions of Subscribers

Scammers are targeting Netflix subscribers with an email warning them their account is about to be suspended, Deadline reports.

The extremely authentic-looking emails are individualized to subscribers and contain the subject line "Your suspension notification."

Warning that Netflix was "unable to validate your billing information for the next billing cycle of your subscription," the email warns that customers need to update their account information to avoid suspension.

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The email then directs users to a fake Netflix page that requires subscribers' login information as well as their credit card information. The page features Netflix's logo as well as original Netflix shows including The Crown and House of Cards.

A close look at the email reveals minor mistakes uncharacteristic of a large corporation like Netflix, but it does appear authentic for the most part.

The scam targeted nearly 110 million Netflix subscribers and was detected Sunday. As the streaming service continues to grow, scams like this will only increase, so subscribers should always be vigilant about sharing their information.


Photo Credit: Netflix