Netflix's ‘Christmas Prince 2’ Draws Mixed Reactions From Fans

Netflix’s A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding was met with a royal mix of reviews among fans of the original film.

One year after she became engaged to Prince Richard in A Christmas Prince, Amber walked down the aisle in her own royal wedding in the original film’s sequel, but did it live up to the real royal wedding? While The Royal Wedding was the long-awaited and highly sought after follow-up, it ultimately failed to woo fans like the original, though it is still being praised as a Christmas rom-com.

The film, taking place one year after Amber, an aspiring young journalist, helped Prince Richard secure the crown — falling in love with him in the process — followed the couple’s walk down the aisle, which was riddled with Amber second-guessing whether or not she was cut out to be queen and Richard facing with a political crisis, the latter of which some found a bit boring.

The film, just like its predecessor was praised for being the “good kind of cheesy” by many, though some thought it was lacking something, and one person even deemed the characters unlikable.

Even with the unlikable characters and other things that people took issue with, many were unable to look away, remaining firmly planted on their couches to watch the entire film.

One of those issues was a glaring plot-hole at the very beginning of the film, something that one Twitter critic was quick to point out, writing “@netflix is it just me or does the #AChristmasPrince2 start off with a major plot hole. If it’s been 364 days since her engagement on NYE. Why does the movie start the week of Christmas!?!?!?”


Despite the mixed reviews, many are keeping their fingers crossed that Amber and Richard will be back for more cheesy Christmas romance with a third A Christmas Prince film.

A Christmas Prince and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding are currently available for streaming on Netflix. You can also get your fill of holiday cheer by browsing through the streaming giant’s It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Netflix holiday programming guide.