Netflix Cancels 'Messiah' After Just One Season, Ending With Cliffhanger

It's been announced that Netflix has canceled the religious-themed drama Messiah after just one season, with the show ending on a cliffhanger. The news was first shared by series actor Wil Traval, who played Will Mathers in the series. The Wrap reports that Netflix has since confirmed the news is true.

"It's a very sad day today. I have just received news from Netflix that there will be no season 2 of #messiah," Traval wrote in an Instagram post. "I wanted to say to all the fans thank you for your support and love. I wish things were different." He then added the hashtags #noseasontwo #messiahnetflix #cancelled #devestated #tellthemno #netflix. The show follows Al-Massih (played by Mehdi Dehbi), an enigmatic leader who quickly gathers a large number of followers, believing him to be the second coming of Christ. Michelle Monaghan starred alongside Dehbi, playing a CIA agent who was determined to prove that he was nothing more than a con man. Now, however, fans will never know, as the Season 1 finale doesn't answer the question of his true identity.

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According to The Wrap, a source with inside info on the situation, stated that part of the reason the show was canceled was due to the coronavirus outbreak effectively shutting down all film and TV production. Partnered with the fact that the show has a large international cast, the prospect of making a new season happen in a timely manner was not viable.

Many of Traval's followers who are fans of the show have since been commenting on his post with their feelings on the news that show is not returning. "Oh no!! We were waiting for this. Happily. Patiently. Wishing you and all the crew the best of good health in these times," one fan replied.

"I am so very sad about the news of no Season 2, hard to believe really. Thank you for Season 1, you are all absolutely amazingly talented actors, and it was a joy watching you all in the Messiah. Blessings to all of you," another follower wrote.


"Very sorry to hear this brotherman. So many of us love the series and your work. But that just means the Universe is opening up another big opportunity for you my man," someone else replied.

Messiah Season 1 is still streaming on Netflix at this time.