Netflix Asks What You Want for Christmas, 'Prince' or 'Inheritance'?

This holiday season, Netflix subscribers have to make a tough decision: would they rather have a Christmas Prince or a Christmas Inheritance.

Following the massively popular addition to the streaming service, A Christmas Prince, which saw 53 people watch it 18 days in a row, the newest introduction to the platform, A Christmas Inheritance, is offering it some stiff competition and threatening to pull the title of "Greatest Christmas Movie Ever Made" right out from under it.

"The upcoming award season is going to be a real nail biter," Netflix Canada tweeted on Monday.

The movies, both of which made their debut this year, each have their own loyal fanbases, making the competition that much more tense. But when it comes to who could win that best picture award, they're still neck-in-neck.

Meanwhile, one fan is asking the important question.


So when you sit down with a warm mug of hot chocolate, will you be following a journalist to the foreign land of Aldovia, or will you be following an heiress back to a small town for Christmas?