Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Show Knocked out of Netflix's Top 5

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a good run on Netflix this month, but their new docu-series was finally kicked out of the streamer's Top 5 shows this weekend. The royal couple produced Harry & Meghan as a tell-all depicting their early romance, the publicity headaches it caused and their attempts to live within the strictures of royalty. Now, viewers are ready to move on to other topics.

Harry & Meghan premiered in two parts on Netflix – three installments on Dec. 8 and the remaining three on Dec. 15. Since then, the show has remained in Netflix's top 10 list, which is self-reported by the company. In the meantime, more new releases have continued to come out and overtake them. At the time of this writing, the top 10 list starts with The Witcher: Blood Origin, followed by Wednesday, Emily in Paris, The Recruit and Alice in Borderland. I Am a Killer is at number 6, leaving Harry & Meghan still at respectable number 7.

If anything, the biggest surprise here may be that there are no Christmas titles ahead of Markle and Prince Harry on the list. At this time of year, family gatherings and relaxing nights in usually draw people toward nostalgic classics. Somehow, none of Netflix's holiday titles were able to find their way onto this list.

In the U.S., Harry & Meghan may have been a popular show for some family gatherings. An easy-to-follow documentary, it features people that most viewers will already be familiar with and tells a story they may already know in part – albeit with corrections, additions and more perspective than they've gotten in the press. Markle and Prince Harry shared their own story in their own words after years of enduring the paparazzi and rumor mills.

In the U.K., Markle and Prince Harry may still be too controversial for some families to discuss at a civil holiday gathering. Their relationship has been politicized, especially since they decided to step back from royal duties and move to the U.S. full-time. In particular, many people in the U.K. were upset that Netflix released this docu-series so soon after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Markle and Prince Harry have a huge deal with Netflix to develop content for the streamer, and this is just one of those projects. Others will likely be less personal and more focused on public issues, as well as some content intended for children. In the meantime, Harry & Meghan is streaming now on Netflix.