'Love Is Blind' to Air Reunion March 5, Series' Creator 'Glad' Viewers Will Get Closure (Exclusive)

It's no secret anymore that Love is Blind is all the rage on the streaming giant, Netflix. The series, which debuted on Feb. 13, has seen tremendous success; in fact, it sat atop the service's Top 10 most watched shows when Netflix announced a new ranking system on Monday.

The first season will wrap up its three-week run when the 10th and final episode is released on Thursday, Feb. 27. Unlike the traditional Netflix series' that release an entire season in one shot, Love Is Blind had the benefit of being spread out over three weeks, with five episodes in the first batch, four in the next and a two-hour season finale in its last release.

Fans of the show, though, will get an extra week thanks to a special announcement. Netflix will air a Love is Blind reunion that will display on the streaming service's YouTube channel. The reunion will not be found alongside the 10 episodes of Season 1 on the main platform.

PopCulture.com spoke with the series' creator, Chris Coelen, who said the reunion was always something he had hoped to conclude the season with.

"I think we always felt people would be interested to see what happens with the couples," Coelen told PopCulture.com exclusively of the reunion. "I don't think there's any question about that… I'm glad that people will be able to get to see people really up to the minute in terms of where they're at in their lives."

According to a press release, viewers can expect to see the whole cast return, find out which couples remain together, if any of the cast members have any regrets and what life was like in the pods. There's also some "unexpected twists and revelations" that fans will surely be eager to see.

The cast got back together the week of Feb. 17 to film the reunion. This was nearly a year and a half after the original show was filmed. As Coelen said, viewers will get about as much of a real-time update on the couples as they possibly can.

Both Nick and Vanessa Lachey will be back as hosts for the reunion. In regards to the two, Coelen said the hosts did "an amazing job" in their roles on the first season.


"I think they're amazing professionals," Coelen said. "They are huge champions and supporters of the concept and they felt like they related in some regard… I think they did a great job, and they were really good at being able to give our participants an idea of what the road map was."

Viewers can catch Episodes 1-9 of Love is Blind on Netflix. The season finale will air on Thursday with the reunion appearing on the Netflix YouTube channel on March 5.