Jack Osbourne to Star in Discovery+ Series 'Fright Club' With the Ghost Brothers

Jack Osbourne has seen some pretty crazy things as a member of the Osbourne family, but he will be seeing ghosts in his next major project, Fright Club. Osbourne joined the Ghost Brothers team of Dalen Spratt, Marcus Harvey, and Juwan Mass for the new paranormal series, which will only be available on the discovery+ streaming platform. The first three of 10 episodes will debut on Feb. 9, with new episodes debuting every Tuesday afterward.

In the show, Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers will show off the creepiest and craziest paranormal footage they found while researching. The episodes cover UFOs, Bigfoot, and, of course, ghosts. They interviewed the eyewitnesses who filmed the footage, as well as psychic mediums, ufologists, cryptozoologists, and other experts to discuss the paranormal disturbance. At the end of each episode, Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers vote on the clip that will keep audiences up at night.

In the first episode, "Hide Your Kids, Watch the Skies," the hosts compete to scare each other with the footage they discovered. Osbourne kicks things off with security camera footage that appears to show a ghost wandering a preschool and an interview with a third-generation Bigfoot hunter who thinks he found real Sasquatch hair. Harvey catches up with an amateur ghost hunter who found surprising footage of a ghost that can crumble solid wood. Spratt found evidence of paranormal activity at a bar, while Mass tries to conquer his own fears. In the end, the group meets with a Florida pastor who shows them a spiritual phenomenon.

Mass heads to the Carolinas in the second episode, "Phantom Photobomb," to check out pier-camera footage of a harbinger. He also meets with a woman who claims to have seen a demonic spirit in the Rockies. Osbourne interviews a man who claims to film small UFO drones from his balcony. Elsewhere in the episode, Osbourne scares his co-stars with footage of a knife-throwing ghost. Spratt digs up a video that allegedly shows an evil clown doll breaking up relationships, and he also meets with a guitar shop manager to tell him about the unexplained activity in the store. Lastly, Harvey becomes convinced he found proof Bigfoot is real.


The last episode available on Feb. 9 is "Astral Vampire Weekend." In this one, Osbourne shows footage of New York City bartenders being attacked by a drunken ghost. He also interviews a woman who claims she can summon UFOs herself. Spratt digs into government footage that might show an Alaskan river monster and shows off alleged Sasquatch recordings. Harvey learns that spirits can be dangerous when you investigate them and Mass thinks he saw an astral vampire on camera.

Osbourne rose to fame while starring on The Osbournes with his parents, Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne, and sister Kelly Osbourne. Since that series ended in 2005, the 35-year-old has hosted several other documentary series and produced many others. In 2019, he starred in Portals to Hell, a paranormal series co-starring researcher Katrina Weidman.