Some 'House of Cards' Fans Think Netflix Should Recast Kevin Spacey's Character

As alleged victims of Kevin Spacey continue to share their accounts, Netflix is figuring out how to proceed with the production of House of Cards.

It's unclear how producers will address Spacey's firing. Many have suggested that Spacey's character, Frank Underwood, should be killed off.

However, some fans have suggested that Netflix should just recast Frank.

While some of the suggestions are tongue-in-cheek, some are aren't half bad. Names being tossed around on Twitter include Matthew McConaughey, Nicolas Cage and Don Cheadle.

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While these replacements could be very jarring, there have also been some solid suggestions on how they could address the recasting.

The most prevalent one involves alluding to the Spacey firing during one of Frank's trademark fourth-wall breaking soliloquies and moving on without any further acknowledgment.


See some of ideas for recasting below.