'Fuller House' Welcomes Fan-Favorite 'Full House' Regular in Season 3 Finale

The third season of Netflix's reboot Fuller House gave most every fan what they expected through the run of show, but a surprise guest star picked up a storyline that was lost during the next-to-last season of the original series.

Of course, spoilers to follow:

Season 3, Episode 18 welcomed back Vicky Larson, played by Gail Edwards, to San Francisco.

A quick refresher: Larson was a love interest of Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) beginning in Season 5 of Full House, and had a recurring role through the middle of Season 7. She was the co-host on Wake Up, San Francisco while Becky was on maternity leave with Nicky and Alex. The relationship between Danny and Vicky started rocky before blossoming, nearly culminating in a marriage as the two were engaged at Disney World.

The engagement would not last long however, as Vicky was offered an anchor position in New York — a position that she would take, leaving the Tanners on the West Coast. The heartbreaking end to the relationship left a lot of unresolved issues but ultimately was amicable, making the reappearance all the more welcomed.

In Fuller House, Vicky and Danny were thrown briefly into a quick catch-up for the pair, but the reunion left the door open for a rekindled romance in the future.

The two were shown joking about how so little has changed, including the furniture and Danny's old habits and mannerisms.

Danny eventually would extend an invitation to the Dads-iversary Party to celebrate 30 years since Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) and Joey (Dave Coulier) moved into the house to help with the trio of daughters, to which Vicky accepted.

There is no casting news that indicates the two are set to rekindle the old feelings, but Danny is set to move back to San Francisco — and move back in with DJ — and assuming that Vicky is in the area, it could make for a continued story of long-lost love returned.

The creator of both series' answered some of the speculation when addressing the return of Larson.

"The storyline just took us to Danny getting divorced and being single again, and we felt it would be a good time to bring her back and reintroduce her. Not that there's necessarily going to be a rekindling of their romance, but it was just a good time in our storytelling to see them together again," Jeff Franklin told CinemaBlend. "We spent a lot of time building Vicky's character and building that relationship, and that one got ripped apart as well.


"I don't think any of those decisions were big crowdpleasers back in the day. All of those little decisions contributed to the show's early demise. For me, it's just nice to bring her back and say we love you. That was what it was about for me," Franklin added.

The first nine episodes of Fuller House's third season left fans with the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers and one of the most complex love triangles in streaming history. Most every question was answered on the back nine of the show, but the inclusion of Larson could be the next chapter for the family, as so many other things were answered.