'Fuller House' Star Bob Saget Teases 'Really Nice Goodbye' Compared to Original Series Finale

Bob Saget is opening up about the end of Fuller House. The actor, who played Danny Tanner in the original sitcom and the Netflix spinoff series, revealed in a new interview how emotional the experience was for everyone to say goodbye to the iconic Tanner family once again.

Saget appeared in all five seasons of the spinoff series, and was a series regular in the original, which ran from 1987 to 1995.

"I was crying all over the place," the stand-up comedian told Us Weekly Tuesday, December 11. "It brought back a lot of memories for me."

He also recalled the feelings of when he originally said goodbye to the ABC show after it was canceled by the network without prior notice.

"At the end of Full House, I just kind of stayed by myself. We had no warning that we were going to be canceled," he said. "We were asked to go to the WB or CW and John [Stamos] and I said, 'No, let's not do that. We should be on ABC, if we should do it.'"

The actor revealed that the cast and crew was "prepared" to say goodbye to spinoff series after Season 5, with the streaming platform breaking the news to everyone when they made the decision. That did not stop the goodbyes from being high on emotion, however, as the actor highlighted his bond with TV daughters Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin.

"We've stayed friends all these years. It's not just a press thing that we say," he said of the stars of the spinoff, Andrea Barber also stars in the spinoff as Kimmy Gibbler. "To see them so accomplished and see three empowered women do a comedy kids show with morality lessons — it had those elements in the original series. I was more emotional about seeing them and being with them. It's not the same show it used to be, but it can't be."

Saget also praised the streamer's decision to divide Season 5 into two parts, with the first releasing on December 6 and the remaining half dropping in 2020.

As for fans who hope the Olsen twins might grace the show with an appearance in its final season? Bure said in a recent interview viewers should not hold their breath.

"No, I've been telling you about this since Season 1," Cameron Bure said in an interview with PEOPLE Now, before she was reminded many fans were hoping for a miracle.


"I know... You guys can hang on. Have hope!" she said with a laugh. "I know the answer... I've given up. I mean, it's not even 'given up.' I've just let that go awhile ago."

The first half of Fuller House's fifth and final season is currently streaming on Netflix.