'Fresh Prince' Star Joining 'Bel-Air' Season 2

A fresh face is headed to Bel-Air. Tatyana Ali, who played Ashley Banks in the original Fresh Prince of Bel-Air series, will appear in a recurring guest role in Bel-Air season 2, according to Peacock's trailer released Jan. 19. She will play Mrs. Hughes, an English Literature teacher at Bel-Air Middle School who sees Ashley's (Akira Akbar) potential and lends her books from her personal library. In Season 2 of the modern reimagining of the Will Smith-starring '90s sitcom, Will (Jabari Banks) is faced with a dilemma when a new figure enters his life challenging what he's learned in Bel-Air and competing for his attention. Meanwhile, he strives to maintain his relationship with the Banks family and tries to rebuild the trust broken last season.

Carla Banks Waddles, showrunner and executive producer, said in a press release about the upcoming season, "In season 2, the show will continue to find ways to push the envelope and feel refreshing and unique while also honoring the heart of the legacy series... We love that the Banks family is aspirational, but more important, they're accessible and grounded. This entire cast brings so much of themselves to this show —talent and enthusiasm, but also a real respect, genuine love and thoughtfulness for these characters and their relationships. I love talking with them and hearing how they see and experience these characters. It all leads to a very collaborative and rich storytelling process that feels authentic."

"Last season was very much about the introduction to the Banks family world, and this season we get to go deeper with some of the themes we touched on— What it truly means to be a family even when it's challenging. How do you rebuild trust within a family? How do you find your own way, your individualism within a family?" she continued. "We'll also explore Will's character beyond feeling like a fish-out-of-water. He's now struggling to find a balance of maintaining his independence and his West Philly identity while also being open to new opportunities for himself in Bel-Air. Viv and Phil are also trying to find a balance as they parent teenagers who think they have all the answers — Allowing Will and their children the freedom to make their own decisions, while also guiding with a gentle, and sometimes firm hand." Season 2 of Bel-Air premieres on Peacock on Feb. 23.