'Crime Stories': Nancy Grace Addresses 'Critical' Reason Behind Taking True Crime Podcast to Fox Nation Streaming Service (Exclusive)

Renowned legal expert Nancy Grace signed a deal with Fox Nation to bring her Crime Stories [...]

Renowned legal expert Nancy Grace signed a deal with Fox Nation to bring her Crime Stories podcast/SiriusXM radio show to the streaming service, and recently shared one of the "critical" reasons behind the partnership. Launched in 2017, Crime Stories explores and discusses true and shocking crimes that the nation faces. Now, Fox Nation — the new streaming service from Fox News — has picked up the show so that subscribers can get a more in-depth look at what's happening.

Speaking exclusively to PopCulture.com, Grace shared her thoughts on why the new visual format for the show will benefit both watchers and authorities investigating the crimes, admitting it's a novel experience for an adept audience. "I think viewers like to see what we're talking about. If it's of an innocent child, I like to show their photo, or a missing person show the image, show the suspect, show a composite sketch," Grace said, adding how that aspect is "critical."

The 60-year-old mother of two went on to explain that if she can "describe it all," she wants to for the greater message: "I want to, and I do pretty often. I'm looking at this photo and this is what I see, [so] I find it very, very helpful, if not critical, in real live investigations to make visual comparisons between a person and a sketch," she said.

In addition to believing "viewers like to see the guests that they're hearing," Grace also shared an example of why it's "important just to see" visual details of the cases, about "the sketch of the potential killer in the Delphi Liberty and Abigail case, as compared to the gentleman that was photographed crossing the trestle bridge." The case that Grace is referring to is a double-homicide form 2017. On Feb. 14, 2017, the bodies of Liberty German and Abigail Williams were discovered on the Delphi Historic Trails in Delphi, Indiana. The young girls had gone missing from the same trail a day prior, with a photo of a man suspected to be involved found on one of the girls' cellphones. Subsequently, a sketch was released of an individual believed to have been seen in the same area. Recently, authorities announced that they are not yet ready to call it a cold case.

While every case has meaning to Grace, when asked if there was any one specific story that stood out to her, she didn't hesitate to bring up the tragic case of Chuckie Mauk. "I know a lot of people haven't heard him, but I always envisioned him in his little league outfit and my children are about his age right now," she said, going on to describe the case. "One night his mom was washing the dishes after supper and she had both hands the dishwater and he was at the front door behind her and he said, 'Hey mom, can I ride my bike just down the road to get some candy?' She said, 'Sure.' The next time she saw him, he was dead in the parking lot of the 7-11, clutching the receipt for the candy."

Grace further shares her thoughts on the unsolved case, saying how she firmly believes "white males tried to lure him into a car and he turned away and they shot him," adding how she "can't help but transpose" her own children "into missing children, or abused children and mistreated children, and their mothers and fathers out there that want answers."

Fans can learn more about that true crime cases featured on Crime Stories by subscribing to Fox Nation. The service is available for $65 a year, but right now new subscribers can get a limited time deal of one-month for $0.99.