'Creepshow' Season 3 Actress Danielle Harris Talks 'Obsession' in New Terror-Filled Animated Episode

The newest episode of Creepshow Season 3 features a terror-filled animated segment about a small town with a dark secret, and actress Danielle Harris is excited for fans to see it. In the segment, titled "The Things In Oakwood's Past," Harris (Roseanne, Halloween 2007) voices Marnie Wrightson, a local librarian who has an "obsession" with her town's history. As the city prepares to unlock a long-sealed time capsule crate, Marnie and local news reporter Mac Kamen (Ron Livingston) find themselves in a race against the clock to stop an archaic evil from being set free.

In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Harris shared that she found the script very compelling even though she would have done the show because of its franchise legacy. "I didn't know the ending of the story until I got to the end of the story, which was really exciting," she said of her first impression after reading "The Things In Oakwood's Past." She added, "I only had 26 pages, so a lot has to happen in that time, and I feel like there was a really good arc between everybody, all of the relationships, and all of the journey that everybody goes on, and [Marnie's] obsession with being excited."

Harris explained that another big part of why she liked the story was due to her love of Dateline, which she felt correlated with the "Oakwood" story. "I totally get this needing to understand why people do things, and breaking into the depths of history, and all of that stuff," she said. Another big draw for Harris was getting the chance to work on a project with Mark Hamill, who voices Marine's father and Oakwood's leader, Mayor Wrightson. "I'm feeling the crazy," she said of voice-acting opposite the Hollywood icon. "I just can't even explain." 

In addition to Hamill, getting to work with her old friend Greg Nicotero, Creepshow's showrunner, was another reason she jumped at the chance to voice Marnie. "Greg taught me how to drive, I used to call him Dad," Harries revealed. "We did Halloween 5 together, so I've known him my whole life, essentially, so it was really cool to be a part of it." Notably, Nicotero co-wrote "The Things In Oakwood's Past" with Daniel Kraus, and co-directed the segment with Dave Newberg. Creepshow Season 3, Episode 5 — which also features a timely tale titled "Time Out" — is now streaming on Shudder.