'Creepshow' Executive Producer Greg Nicotero Offers Update on Season 4 Plans (Exclusive)

Shudder's Creepshow series recently debuted its Season 3 finale, and now the show's executive producer and showrunner, Greg Nicotero, has offered an update on plans for Season 4. While no official word on the show's renewal has come down just yet, Nicotero says that he has "spent the last two months looking through stories." At the moment, he and his team are in "development on finding some great scripts." 

Nicotero later explained that "it's a lot of threading the needle" due to other projects — such as The Walking Dead — he's also working on. "I've been all about Walking Dead for the last nine months. So it's been hard because...we finished [Creepshow] Season 2, and then I had to finish Season 3 while I was directing on Walking Dead. And I'm directing another [Walking Dead] episode now... but we're looking at stories and coming up with some fun things to do." The iconic makeup effects artist and horror producer also commented on seeing critical takes of the series and shaping his outlook. "It's funny, I look at the reviews of the show, and the good ones make me happy, and the bad ones break my heart a little bit."

Still, though, Nicotero is very "confident" that Creepshow has made impressive strides throughout its first few seasons. "The truth of the matter is I really feel like from season one to two; we've made an exponential jump in terms of the quality of the show, the storytelling of the show," He said. "I feel like we really got our feet underneath us. And season three, for sure as well, we continue to do that. So I feel like I'm confident in the stories." Nicotero joked that he loves to reviews that accuse an episode of being "not very" Creepshow. "I'm like, 'How do you know it's not Creepshow?' It just makes me laugh because... I'm like, 'I hate to break it to, but it is. There's even the Creepshow title over the top of it."


While there is currently no timeline on when fans can expect a new season of Creepshow, Shudder subscribers can stream out all of Season 3, including the season finale, which features a segment titled "Drug Traffic," directed by Nicotero. In the Creepshow short, written by Mattie Do and Christopher Larsen, Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy) plays a U.S. border security guard who is forced to stop a desperate mother from keeping the excessive volume of medication she bought for her daughter in Canada. However, Rooker's character later ends up working with a performative politician, played by Reid Scott (Veep, Venom: Let There Be Carnage), to fend off a monster unlike any ever seen before. Fans can check out all of Creepshow Season 3, as well as both Seasons 1 and 2, right now on Shudder.