'Cobra Kai': Vanessa Rubio Opens up About Carmen's Relationship With Johnny, Working With William Zabka (Exclusive)

Vanessa Rubio has heard from fans when it comes to her role in the Netflix series Cobra Kai. She plays Carmen Diaz, who is Miguel's mom, and along with fans wanting to know if Miguel (Xolo Mariduena) will be okay after his accident at end of Season 2, they also want to know if she will forgive Miguel's sensei, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). PopCulture.com caught up with Rubio, who said fans have been asking her to forgive Johnny when Season 3 begins on New Year's Day.

"At the end of Season 2, all I got on my social media was 'Forgive Johnny, forgive Johnny," Rubio said. "Even my older brother, who was poking fun at it, was like, 'You really should forgive Johnny.' I was like 'You know I'm not the character.' ...They want a couple to believe in."

When Carmen found out about Miguel's injury, she blamed Johnny and said he never wanted to see him again. This came right after Carmen and Johnny went on a date and ended up kissing at the end of the night. It's clear fans want Carmen and Johnny to work things out in Season 3. And while things are not great for the two right now, Rubio said she enjoys working with William Zabka on a regular basis.

"Working with Billy is amazing," Rubio said. "It's so easy, which I think is really nice. It's basically what an actor wants. He's definitely one of the most generous actors I've ever worked with. He's funny, and we go in with a lot of presence and attention to what we need to do in the scene. We just play, and it's nice."

Along with working closely with Zabka, Rubio spends a lot of time working with Xolo Mariduena (Miguel) and Rose Bianco (Rosa Diaz, Carmen's mother). Like Zabka, Rubio has a lot of fun working with the two veteran actors.


"It's been great," Rubio said. "It's been really nice to create this Diaz family with them. They are the type of family to have nightly dinners and to cook really nice food and just share that. They have a way of just indulging in the simple blessings of life. ... They're both really great to work with. Xolo is just a clown and he's super busy because he's playing Miguel which is one of the essential characters." Season 3 of Cobra Kai premieres on Netflix on Friday, Jan. 1.