'Christmas Chronicles': Netflix Users Want an Elves Spinoff

While some might have found the animated elves in Netflix's The Christmas Chronicles horrifying, plenty of the film's fans feel otherwise and even want to see a spinoff featuring the creatures.

In the film, directed by Clay Kaytis, siblings Teddy (Judah Lewis) and Kate (Darby Camp) get in trouble when they surprise Santa Claus (Kurt Russell) in his sleigh, causing him to crash in Chicago. With only a few hours left of Christmas Eve, Santa, Teddy and Kate only have a short time to get the sleigh up and running before the world runs out of Christmas Spirit.

During their adventures, Kate climbs into Santa's bag where she finds the elves and a portal to the North Pole. Once there, the elves tie her up and at first do not believe she is there to help Santa. However, they see her family is on the list of "True Believers" and agree to help her save Santa.

The elves also spoke in their own elvish language, but that did not stop Netflix viewers from expressing their desire for a spinoff.

"I'm watching The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix and I highly rec! The elves need a spinoff tbh," one fan wrote.

"[Neflix] [Netflix U.K.] guys any plans for a Christmas Chronicles spin off just with the elves? Great movie though," another added.

"[Netflix] have a license to print money with the elves from [The Christmas Chronicles]. Perfect spinoff material right there," one viewer wrote.

One fan tweeted directly at Kaytis, asking for an elves spin-off. The director simply tagged Netflix and added a question mark.

"The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix is such a cute movie...those elves need their own movie," added another viewer.

The Christmas Chronicles, which was co-produced by Home Alone filmmaker Chris Columbus, has been a huge success for Netflix and has probably been seen by more people than any other Kurt Russell movie already. Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos said at UBS's 2018 Global Media and Communications Conference that the film was seen more than 20 million times by Netflix viewers in the first week after its Nov. 22 release.

Russell "never had as many people see one of his movies in the first week ever," Sarandos said.

Russell's performance has also been singled out by the film's fans, and the film's kid stars recently confirmed that Russell really did grow out that white beard.

"That's him," Judah Lewis told PEOPLE when asked about the beard.

It's "like 80 percent" real," Darby Camp added.


The Christmas Chronicles is just one of many holiday movies Netflix released this season, in an effort to compete with Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Christmas movies. The streaming service is also home to The Holiday Calendar, The Princess Switch and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

Photo credit: Netflix