Ashton Kutcher Tweets 'The Ranch' Release, Twitter Claps Back About Danny Masterson

Since Ashton Kutcher promoted the new season of The Ranch on Twitter, some of his followers have been clapping back with comments about his co-star accused of sexual assault.

Danny Masterson, who as of Wednesday night, has now been accused of rape by another woman (taking the tally to five women), was recently fired by Netflix following the allegations.

"Ranch... it's back: part 4," Kutcher tweeted on Dec. 15.

While some responded with compliments and support for the Netflix original sitcom, one person wrote that they could no longer support the show after learning of Masterson's accusations.

"Will not be watching any more due to a Scientologist who abuses women being in the cast. So sorry, not sorry," one person responded.

Others were supportive of Kutcher, who lost one of his co-stars.

Another responded by saying he will not be watching because Masterson was fired.

On Wednesday night, Masteron's ex-girlfriend, Bobette Riales, wrote on Twitter that Masterson raped her repeatedly when they dated in 2003.

"I stayed quiet long enough. Danny Masterson repeatedly raped me. All I seek is justice to prevent this from ever happening to anyone else as it has for some time," Riales, 36, wrote. "My truth will be heard. I applaud @ChrisseBixler," she wrote, adding the hashtags #metoo and #sisters.

Chrissie Carnell Bixler is one of the women who has come forward to accuse the actor of rape.

Bixler, another former girlfriend of Masterson, accused him of raping her while they were dating in 2001.

Bixler responded to Riales, calling her "amazing" and praising her for speaking out.

"You are amazing. I'm so proud of you. He will never do this to another human being ever again. He's a thief in the night, but he overlooked some incredibly valuable things we still possess. Our voice," she wrote, adding five heart emojis, perhaps to symbolize the five women who have accused Masterson of rape.


Masterson has reportedly been under investigation by the the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office since 2016.