'Aquaman' Star Jason Momoa Hypes up His Netflix Show 'Frontier'

Jason Momoa may be heading to the big screen for Aquaman soon, but right now he is more focused on promoting his Discovery series Frontier.

Momoa stars in a Canadian historical drama called Frontier, which focuses on the cutthroat world of the North American fur trade. The series airs on Discovery in Canada, and is available on Netflix for viewers in the United States. In recent social media posts, the Justice League star has been working hard to push the show.

"Finally coming out in Canada Frontier Season 3," he wrote this week, along with a series of screenshots. "I love this show. got to direct this year so thankful for my crew who backed me up. Mahalo Newfoundland crew. All my friends who flew around the world to help me. Amazing stunt team. Amazing cast."

(Photo: Instagram / Jason Momoa)

Momoa is generous with his shout-outs for the cast, crew and producers as well. At the end of November, he posted some stunning shots from the show, praising photography Dennys Ilic in the caption.

"[Dennys Ilic] always capturing the moment," he wrote. "PLEASE check out Frontier season 3. I finally got to direct some television. Super proud of the cast and crew."

He also poked fun at the sometimes gory nature of the show, referencing one shot of himself holding up a bloody spine.

"Kids don't look at all the pics," he warned. "That is not a trident."

Yet another post features Momoa speaking directly into the camera about the project. He tells his followers earnestly about how proud he is of the show, revealing that he actually worked on it in the midst of filming Justice League as well.

"So thankful for everyone who made this season possible," he wrote.

Frontier is Discovery Canada's first original scripted commission, though it shares the production with Netflix. The third season was available throughout most of the world on the streaming service on Nov. 23. It finally premiered on Discovery Canada on Friday, Dec. 7 and will run weekly through Dec. 21.

The series follows Declan Harp (Momoa), a part-Cree, part-Irish outlaw looking to break into the highly lucrative fur trade up in Canada. It is set in the 1700s, and reveals the brutality of life in those earlier days of North American colonization.


The show makes short, six-episode-long seasons. The first aired in December of 2016, and another followed last November. The series has a growing fan base, which will undoubtedly see a boost from Momoa's social media presence as he reaches the heights of super hero film stardom.

Frontier is streaming now on Netflix. Momoa is hosting Saturday Night Live on Dec. 8.